The only way to thoroughly appreciate most artwork is in person, however this is easier said than done.

Here I am experimenting with some ideas to visually represent my work across the web. On the 1:50 gallery

I am attempting to reflect the overall finished size of my work on a 17” computer screen.

I have been pondering this issue for many years now and hope that by scaling everything down from 9’ to

less than 3” and using architectural scale figures which are 36 mm tall you can better visualise the overall

scale of my finished work.

I have also put a page together to try to give an idea of the detail that goes in to my work. CLICK HERE I

produce work up to 3 meters Archival Prints Face Mounted in Perspex in editions of 15 and artists proofs in

editions of 3. I have publicly exhibited my images in sizes up to 35’ by 5’.

The work I exhibit gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, put simply 'This is exactly what I

should be doing.' Upon finding a suitable location I will often wait days, weeks and even months for improvements

in the available light, taking into account calculations of the various trajectories of the sun as the earth orbits

throughout the seasons as well as the lunar tidal rhythm.

This purposeful approach can result in planning shoots years in advance. Through my images, I seek to convey

the beauty of our rich and diverse natural environment, I am forever humbled by the forces that have made it

so and it’s contrast to the frailty of human existence and just how much we are taking for granted.

Work is ‘Face Mounting on to Perspex’. This is a process where the finished print is sandwiched between a

piece of Perspex and  Dibond Aluminium backing sheet this finish helps to protect the image from UV light

while adding a unique 3-dimential effect to my work. *Recent research by Wilhem Research.com suggest that

a colour print from a Canon 12 colour ImagePROGRAF iPF6100*,  on Gloss media under a Perspex substrate

could offer a light fastness of 176 years.

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